Brand Impact through Gifting

‘Gift’ is a unique four letter word that carries with it a potential to please just about anyone. Now, especially if it is from your employer, it is tied to two things: a) Self-worth of the receiver b) Quality of thought of the giver. Now the onus usually comes on HR or Procurement to get into the game of getting the right gift for its worthy employees. After all, it’s a wonderful opportunity to say thank you to your employees. 

While the choices are enormous suiting each company’s budgets, they are under pressure to find innovative products each year as their gifts. Electronics, Handicrafts, Textile, Home Decor, Food are the top choices in Corporate Gifts. Sustainable and Eco-friendly gifts are also being considered as many companies are making conscious choices.

What looks like an ordinary peripheral task has the capacity to win brand loyalty for the organization if it is a well thought out gift. Many people complain that the trends have focussed on trendy stuff such as some handy gadgets, fit-bits, watches etc. Sometimes the choice of gifts is for some functional stuff and sometimes a little more quirky. It is a hugely challenging task for anyone to get it right for all employees. 

Corporate gifting in India has been gradually picking up speed but has not yet caught up with the billion dollar industry that it actually is. According to the research done by ResearchNXT, over 67% of companies have budgets for corporate gifting and Pharma industry leads as the top buyer of Corporate Gifts. Quality, Innovation and Packaging are given equal importance as the actual Gift.

Quirky and customised are the most preferred gifts especially if it offers a unique value. Gifts made by ‘specially abled’ ‘social groups’ or a ‘social’ or environmental’ makes the  brand purpose very clear. The recall value to your brand increases multifold when customised gifts that are chosen with care are given to your clients, vendors and employees.

Gifting is one of the marketing strategies for an organisation to reach out to new clients and maintain healthy relationships with present ones. The long-term impact your brand creates through gifting is the return on your investment. Loyalties are built within and outside the company through gifting. Sensible branding and right choice of product makes all the difference in the corporate world.

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