Upcycle your way to Sustainability

“One man’s trash is another man’s sustainability breakthrough”

As the world accelerates towards a green movement, and the citizens become eco-warriors, sustainable brands and businesses pave a new way for everyone to adapt to a better living.  Minimizing the global carbon footprint has become a necessity for any company manufacturing consumer products, since the consumers have also started to make conscious decisions.

With rising awareness for the need to recycle and reuse composite materials, innovators are developing unprecedented ways to repurpose material waste and push ahead with the green revolution. Upcycling is the latest trend behind sustainability breakthroughs & it has taken the industry by storm. It is set to be the new face of evolving waste management systems in the circular economy.

Upcycling is the newest sustainability trend within the retail industry. By using discarded objects or materials, companies are creating products of higher quality or perceived value than the original. International brands like Tommy Hilfiger are set to launch 100% upcycled cotton jeans, whereas Adidas x Parley are transforming plastic from the oceans to create high-performance sportswear. 

We are not far from a time when upcycling will become a way of life for everyone, and Rimagined aims to be a leader in this revolution in India. Here are some articles you can read about upcycling & becoming environmentally conscious. 







Make Conscious Choices 

Imperfect Sustainability makes a perfect impact with regular practice.

Each one of us can make simple every day choices. Over a lifetime of such conscious (even imperfect) living, we can have an amazing impact as individuals.

So here we bring to you the choices you can explore for your every day requirements

https://www.thehappyturtle.in/ – For a 100% plastic free lifestyle – This website comes with a very impressive Plastic Footprint Calculator. Know your footprint and start your plastic free journey here. Bamboo cutlery, Bamboo toothbrushes, Copper and Bamboo straws, Cloth bags and other products that can be perfect to be included in your everyday consumption list.

https://dailydump.org/ – Composting made easy.  Explore the various composting options and choose one that best fits your need and constraints.

https://stonesoup.in/ – Simple every day choices that help the planet. Cloth pads, Menstrual cups, Home Composting Kits. You will find them all here.

http://www.ecosansar.com/ – an online store that takes back the packaging. Goes in line with the Zero waste living we all try achieving. Organic, Natural products delivered with no packaging mess.

More to come…..