Brand Impact through Gifting

‘Gift’ is a unique four letter word that carries with it a potential to please just about anyone. Now, especially if it is from your employer, it is tied to two things: a) Self-worth of the receiver b) Quality of thought of the giver. Now the onus usually comes on HR or Procurement to get […]

Imperfect Sustainability – With Millie Clover and Sophie Dorothe

PLASTIC: Unwrapped – Milly Clover and Sophie Dorothe Lieke 18 months ago we began our journey with PLASTIC: Unwrapped, a partnership seeking solutions to plastic pollution. Our inspiration was drawn from a long-standing desire to actively engage in environmental stewardship and conservation. We wanted to find individuals around the globe who are making a difference […]

Imperfect Sustainability – With Arati Monappa

Arati Monappa – a designer with a rich experience of almost 3 decades. All through the years, she has focussed on natural, eco-friendly creations while working with artisans, craftsmen across the country and helping them get a sustainable livelihood, even before Sustainability became a topic of discussion. As part of our Imperfect Sustainability series, we […]

Gazette Des Femmes

Le monde des jeunes pousses connaît une progression effrénée en Inde depuis plusieurs années. Si ce sont principalement des hommes qui démarrent des projets innovants et qui octroient le financement – symptôme d’un pays encore profondément inégalitaire –, des femmes n’hésitent pas à se lancer dans l’aventure et à intégrer une vision sociale à leurs activités. À l’image […]


Quand les déchets donnent naissance à des objets design Une petite entreprise basée à Bangalore en Inde s’est spécialisée dans le surcyclage ou upcycling. Elle a ainsi adapté une tradition indienne ancestrale consistant à donner une nouvelle vie aux objets usagés ou aux matériaux inutilisés. Read More…

UN Environment

This Indian start-up is turning trash into treasure To help fix the vicious cycle of consumerism and waste disposal, 41-year old Shailaja Rangarajan – who is based in Bangalore, India’s third-largest city – is charting a new path towards conscious consumerism. While waste management is usually seen as the process of segregating and recycling, she […]


Shailaja Rangarajan’s Rimagined Promotes Upcycling in Everyday Life Shailaja Rangarajan started Rimagined in 2016 which endeavours towards upcycling and sustainability. Her initiative aims at reducing waste output and instead using it to produce usable products such as furniture, jewellery clothes and home décor. Read More