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Cotton Durrie Cushion Covers


Cushion Covers created from Cotton Durries, available in sets of two, to give you a matching set or an assorted look!

  • Made of cotton durries
  • Repurposed cotton sarees
  • Handloom
  • Colorful & unique designs
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Made in India

Cushion Covers created from a select few durries, to create a matching set or even throw in a splash of colour by mix and match!

The entire durrie itself is created from old cotton sarees. The sarees are cut into thin strips which go into the weft of the handloom. When the strips are beaten on the loom, they become thin and tubular as can be seen from the edges.

We then select a few durries per batch to create these lovely colourful cushion covers that will brighten any setting!

Since these covers are made from durries that are created from assorted saree waste, each piece is unique and colorful. They are available in matching pairs or assorted ones.

These covers are perfect for the standard 16″ cushions



NC07 2, NC06 2, NC05 2, NC04, NC02, NC01, DC14, DC12, DC11, DC10, DC08, DC07, DC06, DC04, DC03, DC02, DC01


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