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Denim Laptop Satchel


A real cool laptop satchel for all times.

  • Handmade
  • Made of Blue Denim
  • Ideal for a 15″ laptop
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and multiple pockets
  • Handmade from denim waste sourced from big scale factories with a lot of love and care, this is the perfect bag to carry your 15′ inch laptop around !
  • This bag is entirely upcycled and just like your favourite pair of jeans, it has a lot of pockets!
  • It has a zippered pocket on the inside and a snug compartment for your laptop, fits a 15′ laptop snugly. The bag’s main compartment is zippered and it has an adjustable shoulder strap.
  • The dimensions are L*B*H: 16*3*12 inches.
  • Since this is an upcycled product, the colour of blue denim is subject to variation, but rest assured the quality and finish of the product will not be compromised.


FAQs about this Laptop Satchel Bag


How is a satchel bag worn?

A Satchel bag is worn like a crossbody bag crossing the body diagonally.


Is this denim satchel for laptops for both men and women?

Yes, since it is made with blue denim material, it can be worn by both men and women.


How many pockets does this denim laptop bag have?

It has 7 pockets on the outside just like your blue denim jeans and one zippered pocket on the inside of the bag.


Since this is an upcycled satchel laptop bag, will it be able to handle the laptop weight?

Yes, the denim material is known to be sturdy enough to carry the intended weight. With upcycling, we retain the quality of the materials used to make the product.


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