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Sling Pouch


Hold Sustainability in the Palm of your Hand!

  • Created using upcycled tyre tube.
  • Compact, fits important essentials.
  • Carry as a Sling bag or a Clutch bag.
  • Made in India

Bask in compliments as you carry this adorable Luxury Sling Pouch to your friend’s next party!

Our Luxe Range is handcrafted masterfully by our highly skilled artisans, upcycled using tyre tube. The tyre tube and fabric that is rerouted to create our Luxe Range would have otherwise ended up in landfills and incinerators, adding to Green House Gas Emissions that are already overtaxing our planet. The Luxury Sling Pouch is an ideal example of the essence of true luxury without the environmental costs as compared to other luxury bag brands, so you can flaunt our products with a clear conscience.

The Sling Pouch handmade entirely from upcycled tyre tube has a solid structure that is reinforced with tyre tube material, so it holds its shape well. You can easily fit your phone, wallet and keys in there, along with your lipstick for a quick touch-up. The main compartment of the Sling Pouch has a zippered closure. The metal accessories and fittings are of the best quality to ensure the longevity of the Sling Bag. The metal and tyre tube strap of the Sling Pouch is detachable and so you clip on any other fancy strap or even use this bag as a clutch as well! This chic black bag is one that can be your go-to bag for any occasion. It is the sustainable take on a classic bag of necessity and encapsulates effortless style in a palm-sized package!

Sustainability never looked cuter than this Sling Pouch, so what are you waiting for?


Length: 8 Inches

Width: 2.5 Inches

Height: 6.5 Inches 

Length of the detachable strap (inches) – 49″

Given the longevity of the inner tube material, you don’t have to worry about any scratches or dust on the bag. Just use a soft cloth to wipe it away. And if you want a nice sheen, just take 2 drops of coconut oil and wipe. And job done.

This is Conscious Luxury at its best.


Tyre Tube Bag Making Process:

We are especially proud of our Tyre Tube Collection, entirely upcycled and expertly handcrafted. We are the First to work with Upcycling Rubber Tyre Tube, a sustainable material, to create high-utility bags, in India.

Using the inner tyre tube of discarded old tyres of large vehicles, we upcycle the rubber material in a sustainable process that is unique to Rimagined. The Tyre Tubes, firstly, given a thorough cleaning, by soaking overnight and cleansed with soapnut solution (an organic cleanser) to remove all accumulated dirt and impurities and then air dried for 24 hours, minimum.

These prepared sheets of rubber are then carefully crafted by our talented artisans, using sewing machines that have been particularly modified to suit stitching rubber, so that the material does not melt in the procedure. Each bag is hand-crafted with utmost attention to detail and minimal wastage as our designs are inspired by our core belief that nothing must go to waste.

Our entire Tyre Tube Collection is the result of the painstaking effort of multiple trial and errors, to achieve awe-inspiring results, proving that upcycling sustainable materials is possible and is the way forward.


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