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Rucksack Bag


Casual plus sustainable bag.

  • Made of denim and tyre tube material
  • Multiple pouches for iPad, wallet & books
  • Expandable rucksack bag
  • Dimensions (l*w*h): full height: 10*3*17 inches & folded: 10*3*12 inches
  • Made in India

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A practical blend of rubber tyre tube and denim materials, presenting our classy black rucksack bag. 

The rubber or vegan leather is what makes this rucksack bag a durable, lightweight, and convenient to carry – all at the same time. Rubber is easy to maintain, requiring little of your time and attention, unlike leather.

If you don’t have a lot of carry, just pull the strings on the top of the rucksack to make it ‘shrink’. When expanded, it is spacious enough to accommodate your device like an iPad or tablet, wallet, spectacles case, and some small books. Inside is a dedicated pouch to carry your water bottle. On the outside is a pouch to place your mobile phone, keys, or anything as such for quick access.

Available in a shining black colour, this rucksack is thoughtfully styled to suit all. Upcycled and up-to-date, this rucksack is easy to carry around, especially for those who travel. 

Dimensions (Expanded/ Full Height)

Length – 17 inches/ 43.1 cm

Width – 3 inches/ 7.6 cm

Height – 10 inches/ 25.4 cm

Dimensions (Folded)

Length – 12 inches/ 30.4 cm

Width – 3 inches/ 7.6 cm

Height – 10 inches/ 25.4 cm

 Specifications of Rucksack Bags

Compartment Closure – String

Material – Upcycled Rubber Tyre Tube, Denim

Number of Main Compartments – 1

Sling Strap – Single Adjustable Sling Strap

Colour – Black

Care Instructions

  • Wipe the bag with a clean, soft cloth and coconut oil.
  • This will keep the bag as good as new.

 Our Tyre Tube Cleaning Process

  • First, the tubes are soaked overnight in water to remove the accumulated dirt. 
  • Then it is soaked in hot water along with soapnuts (reetha), a sustainable, naturally occurring cleanser. No chemical agents are used.
  • This is followed by a round of scrubbing using soapnuts which helps remove any remaining dirt.
  • Finally, we give a luxurious shine to the rubber using coconut oil. The product is ready, devoid of any smell.


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