Sling cum Backpack
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Sling cum Backpack

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Sling ? Backpack ? Both !

  • Made of vegan leather and denim
  • Convertible design
  • Available in black
  • Dimensions of backpack (L*W*H): 11*3*14 inches
  • Made in India

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A cool backpack that transforms into a chic sling? … or is it…

A chic sling that transforms into a cool backpack? 

Have it either way, this bag is one-of-its-kind!

Featuring vegan leather and upcycled denim – both cruelty-free and sustainable fabrics- this convertible sling backpack makes a statement wherever you go. Vegan leather or rubber tyre tube is the go-to choice when it to a sustainable alternative to leather. The denim used in this bag is collected from mass fabric manufacturers who discard the denim as manufacturing excess. With skilful intervention by our artisans, what you have here is the perfect blend of both fabrics in a single bag.

A part of our ‘All Black’ collection, it is a stylish accompaniment to any casual outing. Just fold it over to convert it to a sling. Just the right size, you can accommodate most of your essential stuff in its spacious interior. The sling’s metal chain gives it that extra oomph whilst helping you detach it from a sling and convert it back to a backpack. Need not worry about its maintenance as tyre tube products are built to last.

Dimensions of convertible sling backpack:

Length – 11 inches/ 27.94 cm

Width – 3 inches/ 7.62 cm

Depth – 14 inches/ 35.56 cm


Type – Convertible Sling to Backpack

Material – Upcycled Denim and Tyre Tube

Number of Main Compartments – 1

Care Instructions

  • Wipe the rubber part with a clean, soft cloth and coconut oil to maintain its shine.
  • Surface clean the denim part with a clean, soft cloth.

Our Tyre Tube Cleaning Process

  • First, the tubes are soaked overnight in water to remove the accumulated dirt. 
  • Then it is soaked in hot water along with soapnuts (reetha), a sustainable, naturally occurring cleanser. No chemical agents are used.
  • This is followed by a round of scrubbing using soapnuts which helps remove any remaining dirt.
  • Finally, we give a luxurious shine to the rubber using coconut oil. The product is ready, devoid of any smell.


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