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Coin pouch
Coin pouch
Coin pouch
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Tyre Tube Coin Pouch

Original price was: ₹340.00.Current price is: ₹300.00.

A cool pouch to carry the coins. No more struggles with a bulging wallet.

  • Made of tyre tube and vegan leather
  • Recycled felt fabric
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Made in India

An ideal solution to avoid heavy, bulging wallet full of coins is this cute little Tyre Tube Coin Pouch.

The material used for making this pouch is from discarded tyre tubes, also termed as vegan leather. After a thorough hygiene process, our skilful artisans transform the tyre tubes into a meticulously handcrafted product. We even line the inside with colourful recycled felt fabric and stitch it by hand to ensure minimal material wastage. Parade this pouch with a lot of pride as it is a 100% upcycled product. 

A very practical design, this pouch which opens/closes with a button closure to secure the coins inside. You can use the metal ring to tag it to your bag, allowing quick and easy access.

The thicker tube material gives this pouch a firm shape, so you need not worry about the life of this product.

Specifications of Coin Purse

Compartment Closure – Flap with Press Button

Material – Upcycled Rubber Tyre Tube

Colour (Lining Fabric) – Grey, Olive, Purple, Red and Teal

Sizes – Standard

Care Instructions

Wipe the pouch with a clean, soft cloth and coconut oil to keep it good as new.

Our Tyre Tube Cleaning Process

  • First, the tubes are soaked overnight in water to remove the accumulated dirt. 
  • Then it is soaked in hot water along with soapnuts (reetha), a sustainable, naturally occurring cleanser. No chemical agents are used.
  • This is followed by a round of scrubbing using soapnuts which helps remove any remaining dirt.
  • Finally, we give a luxurious shine to the rubber using coconut oil. The product is ready, devoid of any smell.
Color Variants

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