Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas

Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas – Buy What She’ll Love

With Raksha Bandhan fast approaching, many sisters are actively scouting for Rakhis that are made sustainably, special handmade rakhis that have meaning and finding ways to support many self-help groups. Special thoughts and creativity have been implemented to make eco-friendly rakhis. There are plantable rakhis made of clay and seeds.

So if sisters are so thoughtful, what can the brothers do differently?

Do you want to buy some random gift voucher, or pick up the most expensive gift off the shelf?

Or do you want to express your love by choosing something more meaningful?

When you take the trouble of making a thoughtful choice, you also show that you truly care. So how about exploring some sustainable options for gifting your sister?

Instead of browsing through thousands of products belonging to different categories, why not firstly finalize the category and then look for the right gift in the right section? Let’s have a look at the different interests your sister might have and help you with  Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas based on her interests.

Gift For The Perfect Chef

If your sister loves experimenting in the kitchen, the denim apron is something that can be a perfect gift she will love to use every day. Upcycled denim aprons will not only keep her outfit safe while cooking and baking, but also be a boon to the environment. Did you know that unwanted and unused denim are shredded and ends in landfills? Why not show some creativity and put it to better use? Rimagined converts such denim materials and converts them into denim aprons, totes, laptop bags.


Gift For the Fitness Freak

If she is sporty, hits the gym regularly and is an outdoor person, you can gift her the Denim gym bag or the rucksack bag. They are made by transforming denim and tyre tube. Both the materials are sturdy, tough and long-lasting. So your sister can use it for many years. Both of them are casual and the perfect size to hold all the essentials like water bottle, keys, phone, towel, wallet etc.


Gift for the Vegan

If she is vegan, you can explore our complete range of vegan alternatives that we have handcrafted from tyre tubes. Did you know that the tyre tubes are made of natural, synthetic rubber and chemical additives? So recycling them is almost impossible. Instead of letting them go in landfills, upcycling is a wiser action to take. Tyre tubes are sturdy and can be used for a long time without getting damaged. There are a variety of products made of this material including sling bags, cord organizers, shoulder bags etc


For the Minimalist

If she is someone who loves minimalism and is conscious of what she wears, then explore our apparel range. Tops, kurtas and stoles made of silk and cotton in simple patterns like stripes and even plain ones will win her heart. You can even find handloom sarees in a simple design. Simple colors, non-jazzy shades, its exactly what she’ll love!


Home Décor Enthusiast

If she is someone who loves doing up her space and enjoys adding colours to liven up the room, then you can explore our decor and furnishings range. Floor rugs, ottoman foot stool, fabric rope stool, durries, unique bed covers, cushion covers, sofa throws, you will definitely find something she already hasn’t decorated her home with. All these are made with upcycled fabric.


Travel Lover

A sling bag that can be converted into a backpack. Doesn’t it sound like a blessing for a travel lover? Or a duffel bag made of denim – sturdy enough for travel trips yet environment friendly. Look for backpacks, duffel bags, shoulder bags, rucksacks and even cord organizers – a must for travelers. Look for the one which your sister might need for her next travel trip.



And if you are still not sure what she would like, explore the complete range of fashion accessories and apparel. You will be pleasantly surprised by the choices. Give it a shot. Upcycled products which are eco-friendly and Sustainable alternatives can be fun and will have a long-lasting impact. Try something different this time. We have you covered!