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Rimagined is no longer the dream of one person alone. This is a dream that is owned and cherished by every member who proudly contributes to the sustainable and classy products that are offered.
Each member has varied experience in what they do. Rimagined is an effort to create with a more informed, sensitive, and sustainable approach.

Shailaja Rangarajan

When she sees a discarded material, she sees are various possibilities of reuse. Her clear emphasis on utility and zero compromise on quality is what drives the team to create the amazing range today. A firm believer of “True growth is when everyone involved prospers”, she takes a lot of pride in the team members when they confidently take up new tasks, new roles and continue to grow. Collaboration, not competition, is her Mantra.


Sarita Basrur

From hi-fashion to ethical and sustainable fashion. That has been the journey of Sarita.
Her prior work involved working with some big labels in the world of fashion. Visualisation of producrs using material available gives her the kicks. Her work in Design and Merchandizing helps us offer what the customers look for. We believe in practical products and that’s what her expertise in the space of design helps us offer.


Rutuja Dubal

Rutuja is the perfect example of “Follow your heart”. An engineering grad turned IT professional, she chose to pursue her dreams and work in sustainability.
She set-up the wood scrap unit from scratch, and now handles the digital marketing for the company , Rutuja has transitioned to a hands-on person who is up for any challenge that comes her way. Only ask from her – Creativity should never be lacking !

Team - Ahmed-Ali-Khan

Ahmed Ali Khan (Aka Babloo da)

Our master tailor, Dada, as he is referred to by all is the man behind the amazing bags. His expertise of 30 years of working in the leather industry is what translates into the perfect and superior quality that brings out the Wow element in each piece. Got a design idea? All he needs is a sketch and in a day or two that gets transformed into the perfect sample piece. We have never heard him say “ No, this is not doable”.

Team- Ali-Akhtar-Khan

Ali Akhtar Khan (Aka Shahrukh)

He is our own “Shahrukh Khan”. He first came in as our trainer who taught stitching to our first batch of ladies. And when he lost his full time job, he came and joined our team and became the main tailor for our denim range of products.
He has been our master tailor in our manufacturing journey in 2018. Neatness in work and precision in stitching is his forte !

Team - Jasim

Jasimuddin Laskar

This lanky guy is our master cutter ! Many a times you can hear him muttering something. That is him doing some calculation for measurements and talking to himself.
Any new design we come up, we run past him to get the exact measurements and pattern done. Along with Shahrukh, he was instrumental in getting our in-house team trained and ready.

Rimagined - Payel

Payel Baidya

Payel has been part of the Rimagined team from day one of our production unit . For someone who joined us with no skills, she went on to become the best performer in the team. She is an example of what a focused and dedicated mind can achieve. Today she not only is adept at stitching all products, she also handles all the administrative activities of the factory. From petty cash to stock keeping, she ensures that every single process is adhered to. Lack of formal education has never been a hurdle for her !


Saraswati, Chandana, Suparna, Salema

From readying the material before they can be worked upon, cutting, maintaining the stock registers to ensuring the work place is filled with laughter with silly banters, these ladies handle it all ! First time stepping out of their homes, they have created their own identities today. They are examples of what impact women empowerment has on the families and society as a whole. This is what we believe is Equal opportunity and Women empowerment.

team - Nur Jamal, Azizul, Manjur Alam

Nur Jamal, Azizul, Manjur Alam

This amazingly talented trio joined the Rimagined family as we expanded our tyre tube range. It didn’t take them any time to transition to working on rubber instead of leather. Extremely skilled and committed, they take pride in their craftsmanship. And that speaks through the perfect quality products that come off their sewing machines.

Team - Safirul-Biswanth

Safirul, Biswanth

A good work environment is also a safe work environment. That is what Safirul and Biswanath take care. From ensuring the safety of the work place by Safirul to the safety of the ladies who are driven to work by Biswanth, we manage to maintain a stress free work day routine.