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    Our Luxe Collection brings to you an uber cool, premium range of vegan bags that will not only satisfy your urge to splurge on luxury bags, but also rest easy on your conscience. . The luxe range vegan bags are the perfect blend of sustainability and high fashion experience, handmade just for you. 

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    Handcrafted using an upcycled woven fabric, this range is ripe with choices ranging from gorgeous cotton handbags to nifty cotton tote bags that will suit all your needs for any occasion. When you are looking for eco-friendly bags, look no further than our colourful and well-designed Durrie Bag Collection! 

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    Are you looking for a bag that is stylish and effective? Ethically sourced and eco-friendly? Also, with the added bonus of being long-lasting and in your favourite colour? Black! We got you covered! Check out our Tyre Tube Bags Collection! You can choose from a variety of black tote bags to multiple black sling bags and more in our Tyre Tube Range. 

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    Here to bust your doubts about buying good quality home furnishing online, is the upcycled Home Furnishing range. You can trust that all our products, be it the floor rug or sofa throws, cotton cushion covers and handwoven bedcover set are all entirely upcycled and are all the best quality handmade home furnishings, a sustainable way forward to decorate your favourite space, your home! So, deck it up with our wide range of beautifully upcycled home decor items! 

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    Our range of clothing, created as a capsule collection has a wide range of apparel ranging from the cotton long dress, cotton tunics, cotton tops and even handmade reversible jackets! All our product designs look straight out of a high fashion magazine and it's unbelievable that it’s all upcycled and handcrafted with love! 

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Pink Stripes Rectangular Top


Kantha Bed Cover-Hand Stitched


Cotton durrie

Home Decor

Square patchwork laptop bag

Laptop Bags

Large Fabric tote bag

Tote Bags

Black Trapeze sling bag

Sling Bags

Passport Organizer


What our customers say

Brittany Von Wahlde Fort Worth, TX

I absolutely LOVE this backpack! The colors are a bit darker than the picture (straps are black and the denim is VERY deep blue as opposed to light) but that didn’t matter very much to me. The material is very thick and sturdy, the straps and adjusters work well, and it came with a hand written note and a reusable tote bag! So excited to use it daily!

Cotton durrie
Jackie Child East Brisbane, Australia

Beautifully made and fantastic quality! Love that it’s made from recycled material! Thank you so much!

Sunetra Dasgupta India

The small tyre tube sling is a must have for everyone. It is cute as well as very handy. I’m not worried about the Bangalore rains soiling my bag anymore. I know they are safe. Also they go with my Indian and western wear? What more do I need? Nothing! But what it also gives me is a lot of space to keep my things. It is not crammed at all. Love it love it love it

Orange Hobo Tote Bag
Deepica Pujari India

There’s so much about Rimagined that’ll draw you back to them. It’s not just those pleasant colors which is the first thing we notice. Shailaja has an eye for details. Apart from the fact that they bring life back into used and thrown materials, all that she creates is utilitarian, brilliantly put together, there’s so much strength and intelligence in its design and build, perfect finishing. There’s no way you won’t rave about it and there’s no way heads don’t turn when they look at it.

Charanya India

The carpet as well as table are upcycled. The table is made with wine carts. The papasan chair we have kept from 2009. The sofa is refurbished as well.so, glad that we have kept oldies and added upcycled furniture! Thanks for the addition.

Connie Anne Hayward, CA

It’s the perfect size! I love it!

Julia Guzman Whiting, IA

Great communication from company regarding shipping times. Ran into a little trouble with the product itself but the shop was very prompt in responding to my complaint and went above and beyond in fixing the issue. Would absolutely do business again with them and appreciate the excellent customer service!

Morgan Malamud SOMERVILLE, MA

Love it!! Also came with a lovely note on an amazing scroll

Susan Reverski Lakeland, FL

Excellent quality and detail. Would definitely buy from here again.

Becky Reverton, WY

This bedspread is awesome!! Great quality and value. I highly recommend this sellers products!.

Anat Sella Inbar Jerusalem, Israel

Great patch bed cover, lovely design, arrived just as seen on the shop web pic. The communication was nice and prompt. It took some time to arrive but we are in a worldwide pandemic and there was no urgency anyhow. Thank you and all the best

Nicole Frederick Waltham, MA

All I can say is wow. This is a beautiful piece and I am so honored to have it in my home. I love knowing it is made from recycled materials, and that it is one of a kind. Thank you I will try to submit a picture once I have arranged it!

Our Best Sellers

Why Upcycling is important!

Rimagined is committed to creating a more sustainable future by offering products that are rescued before going to landfill! We r(e)imagine the way waste products can be repurposed & give them a new life.


What is the difference between upcycling and recycling?

In Recycling, the base material is broken down and transformed into a different product, which is also quite resource intensive. This also results in deterioration of quality of the material. So eventually the material will have to dumped after some rounds of recycling.

In Upcycling, the material does not undergo any breakdown and it gets repurposed into a new product using innovative design. So looking at the Upcycled product, one can make out the  base material that is used. The other phrase that can used for upcycling is “Extending material lifetime”. There is no loss of quality and the same material can keep getting repurposed using creativity. This is also not a resource intensive process.

Are upcycled products long lasting?

The challenge with waste materials is that they don’t disintegrate and affect the environment adversely. We use this negative aspect of the material to our advantage when we repurpose them and create high quality products.

All the products are created to last long, without compromising on the aesthetics. Also we ensure that the accessories like the zips, pullers, lining material we use are all of the best quality so that every design we offer is of premium quality.So if the question is how long will the product last – our answer is “Longer than you can even imagine”.

Do you offer customized upcycled clothing?

The key to Upcycled design is that we work backwards. We first see what material is available with us at that particular time. And then based on this availability, we work on the product designs. So this does not allow us to create custom apparel. We always offer a capsule collection of Apparel, with also the constraint of the sizes that can be made available. The length of the fabric determines our offering.

Which materials have you used for upcycling?

Our idea is to offer our customers an upcycled alternative to most of the products one might use in every day consumption. So we also work with a wide range of materials which include Denim, Tyre Tubes, Fabric, Yarn (Cotton, Wool, Silk) , Wood, Glass

Can your upcycled products be gifted?

Upcycled products are perfect for gifting. We ensure that our designs are unique, quality is perfect and every design has a utility element to it. So the next time you think of gifting or you are receiving a gift, we would encourage you to check out an Upcycled alternative as your first choice. If you can’t find what you need, check with us. We might be able to make it for you.

Do you deliver outside India?

We also do international shipments. But the shipping charges will depend on the destination location. Do drop us a mail at [email protected] with your requirement for International shipments.

Do you take fabric waste?

Yes, we do take fabric waste and use it for fabric upcycling. This can be your clothes, sarees, curtains, bed sheets. But we would request you to send it to our workshop located in Kolkata, India. For further details, you can drop us an email at [email protected].

How do we ensure the hygiene element of the products we make, as all the products are by repurposing material that is counted as waste ?

The key process as part of any upcycling we do is cleaning of the primary waste material. Every single piece of denim, tyre tube, fabric gets a thorough wash before we even use it. And to ensure that we follow a chemical free process, the entire cleaning uses natural cleaners like Reetha (Soapnut). This also helps us bring to you a product that does not undergo any chemical treatment and follows our philosophy of environment first.


Pre-consumer fabric waste comes to us mainly from the suppliers or manufacturers. Products that have quality defects, products that are not sold off the shelves, unused fabrics from retailers & boutiques make up a major chunk of material we use .

Interested in gifting for your employees ?

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customised and branded gifts

unique and creative products

exhaustive product range

Welcome to Rimagined, a full-fledged manufacturing venture focussed on creating handcrafted, repurposed and upcycled goods. Since 2016, we’ve been driven by our passion towards building a culture of conscious consumption and encouraging consumers to switch to more sustainable product options, which is the need of the hour. Located in India, we employ talented women and local artisans to use handcrafting methods to repurpose varied waste materials into innovatively designed products. All this is done under ethical work conditions and fair wages. In addition to the love and support that we continually earned from the community, the awards and recognitions we’ve received from noted organisations is indeed an additional feather in our cap.

Important terms related to upcycling


The word handcrafted refers to making something skilfully by hand. Handmade is another word for handcrafted as its meaning is the same, and therefore used interchangeably. In the same vein, handloom is a textile loom that is machine for weaving cloth, but is hand operated.

Patchwork Designs

Patchwork design is one of the techniques used in handcrafting products. This method is mainly used for textiles and fabrics. Here, patches of fabrics are cut into different colours, arranged in an attractive pattern and stitched by hand. A good example of this is the patchwork quilt.


The word sustainable points to the use of naturally available materials, products and energy sources in such a manner that it does not cause the environment any harm.

Vegan Products

Products that are made from raw materials that do not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients can be termed as vegan products. Example: Cotton (Vegan) Vs Silk (Not vegan).

Zero Waste

The very basic meaning of this term is a situation where no waste is produced. It is a movement in itself focussing on processes that prevent waste generation and support the need for redesigning life cycles where all products can be reused. The key goal of the zero waste movement is to prevent trash being dumped in landfills, burned in incinerators or thrown in the ocean.

Our Upcycled Products

As one of the up-and-coming upcycling enterprises in India, we take immense pride in showcasing a vast array of upcycled products, ranging from apparel to accessories, bags to pet bed covers, and much more. The input materials we source for handcrafting these goods are post-consumer waste and excesses collected from manufacturing units, textile units and factories. Our key product categories include bags, furnishings and clothing.


Laptop  Bags

Choose from a variety of bags to carry your laptop, crafted from denim and/rubber. They are easy to carry around and spacious enough to fit a laptop up to 15 inches (measured diagonally). We can also customise it as per your need.

Laptop  Sleeves

Our laptop sleeves are built to last. They envelop your laptop in a snug fit. Tough and durable, these sleeves are made from denim, tyre tube rubber, or a combination of both.

Luggage  Bags

For an overnight trip or a family vacation, you can find an interesting assortment of backpacks and duffel bags in denim that are not only spacious but also comfortably fit your budget.


Under pouches you can choose from stationery pouches, toiletry pouches, clutches, fanny packs, wristlet bags and air pod pouches.

Shoulder Bags

Our shoulder bags section encompasses a captivating array of tote bags, for every mood and need. From bucket bags to patchwork totes, pick a shoulder bag from the multitude of alluring designs.

Sling Bags

Nothing beats a good sling bag. Choose from rivet sling, mobile sling, crossbody sling bag, party sling or a patchwork sling. We also feature a sling that converts into a backpack.


Bed Covers

Feast your eyes on attractive bed covers crafted from denim to liven up your bedroom. We use patchwork quilt methods like handstitched kantha to patch together pieces of denim waste into one cover for your single or double mattress.


Use our rugs and mats to add more character to any interior space. We craft them from leftover wool and cotton. We employ the use of handloom weaving to meticulously weave different threads into a beautiful mat.

Sofa Throws

You will find the best use of old and discarded cotton sarees in our sofa throws. The process involves cutting cotton sarees into thin strips and meticulously weaving them on a handloom, transforming it into a many-hued masterpiece. Take your pick from the multiple colour combinations available with us.



Handloom has been the backbone of the textile sector in India since ages. Preserving this culture, our handloom cotton sarees are available in dual shades or adorned with hand-painted tribal art work.


Stoles are loved for their dual purpose; keeping your neck warm and setting a style statement. Presenting a variety of stoles that serve both the purposes.


Under our tops section, feast your eyes on an attractive and colourful line of apparel ranging from full-length maxi dresses to sleeveless yoke tops that you may not spot in any other upcycled clothing boutique. Our apparel line uses indigenous materials like Mangalagiri cotton and discard linen to be upcycled into fashionable wear for women.

Buy Upcycled Products by Materials


Also known as vegan leather, we create a mix of everyday essential bags and pouches crafted from rubber of inner tyre tubes. Being a natural material, rubber can be easily upcycled into vanity cases, ladies wallets, laptop sleeves, tote bags and mobile slings.


Cotton and denim are the two chief textile materials that we work with. We use cotton sarees to upcycled them into durries for bags, throws or upholstery for furniture. Denim being a rough and tough fabric is transformed into backpacks, tote bags, tablet sleeves and laptop sleeves as well as bed covers and aprons.


We use discarded wood scrap sourced from wood factories that generate a ton of wood waste. We use this waste creatively into something meaningful and purposeful like an ottoman stool.


A versatile fabric as it is, we use leftover yarn to craft floor rugs, cotton-yarn stoles, and handloom sarees.


Since all of our products are upcycled and handcrafted, customization comes to us naturally. Just drop us a line on our email id [email protected] with your requirements and specifications and we’ll be happy to help you.

Corporate Gifting

Being a socially relevant enterprise, we also assist corporates, NGOs, conference centres, and businesses in their corporate gifting needs. Our products are eco-friendly, sustainable, and promote the need for conscious consumption. We are ready to ship any of our handcrafted products customised to your requirements in multiples as per your need across the globe.