Sling Bags

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Upcycled Ecofriendly Sling Bags Eco-friendly Sling Bags made of Tyre Tube, Denim, Rubber materials are offered by Rimagined. You can find different types Sling Bags for Women ranging from Mobile sling bag, Black sling bag suitable for parties, Denim patch work sling bag etc. Browse through the products listed above or simply search using the search bar for Upcycled Sling Bags. To find more Ecofriendly Bags, click here. You can find Crossbody bag for men and women, Rivet, Bucket bag and more. If you are looking for a sling bag that can be converted into a backpack, look no further. Simply scroll up and click on the Sling cum backpack bag. made with Denim material in different designs including Square and Triangular patchwork. Upcycled sling bags made of Rubber are easy to clean and maintain. Simply wipe it with a damp cloth or coconut oil to make it shine.