Laptop Bags

Every laptop needs a carrying companion. And laptop bags are meant for this purpose. Over the decades laptop bags India alone have evolved so much that now you also have sustainable and eco-friendly options in store.

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Different Types of Laptop Bags on Rimagined
If you are looking for some of the best laptop bags online, then the collection at Rimagined will floor you. We have a catalogue of laptop bags that you can browse through before purchase. We’ve broadly classified our laptop bags into the following categories:
Vegan Leather Laptop bags
What’s cruelty free and a great fabulous alternative to animal leather? Vegan leather, of course. All of our vegan leather laptop bags are repurposed from the inner tube of vehicle tyres. We handcraft this rubber sheet into beauty like the Tyre Tube Laptop bag. What’s more, thanks to the natural property of rubber, it is a laptop bag waterproof enough to protect your device from any accidental spills.
Denim Laptop bags
Nothing comes close to the uber coolness that denim bags exhibit. But our denim laptop bags are not just loved for their cool quotient. They are practically designed and spacious enough to carry your laptop plus its accessories. Choose from an array of attractive designs namely the Denim Laptop Bag with Triangular Patchwork, and our Denim Laptop Bag with Square Patchwork are just some of the sought after ones. If you wish for a bag that functions as a laptop tote bag then Trapeze Tote Bag is just the one for you.
Fabric Laptop bags
If you are a fan of colourful office accessories Rimagined Fabric Laptop Bags are the best choice for you. The cotton durrie adds to the attractiveness and light-weight feature of the bag, on the other hand the rubber keeps the bag sturdy and strong. Who doesn’t love to keep things organized? So we’ve accordingly designed our fabric laptop bag. Its main compartment features an open pouch, multiple zip pouches, and pen slots.
Denim Laptop Satchel
Wish for a laptop bag that is also a head turner by itself? Then look no further than this unique Denim Laptop Satchel. This one-of-a-kind design features the hip part of a pair of jeans. That is the beauty of this unique bag. In this laptop bag 15 inch device can fit snugly along with a few accessories as well. Along with two short denim handles like any regular laptop bag, it has an adjustable denim strap allowing you to wear it like a cross body bag.