Our Story

Rimagined was started by Shailaja Rangarajan in 2016. A business consultant of around 15 years experience, Shailaja volunteered to work in solid waste management (SWM). While working there, she realized the crisis that humans were creating for themselves with the kind and volume of garbage that was generated. 

Urban India today produces nearly 48 million tonnes of municipal solid waste annually. Only 9% of recyclable waste actually gets recycled the world over. Add to this the fast depleting natural resources which have also resulted in pushing many species to the verge of extinction.

After almost 4-5  years of work in the area of SWM, Shailaja concluded that Conscious consumption has to become mainstream if we want a livable planet. And upcycling can be an alternative lifestyle that every individual could adopt to start making a difference. This could help reduce the overall waste generation while minimizing the consumption of virgin resources. 

Rimagined was thus born with a few products on an online store, and there has been no looking back since then. 

We at Rimagined are paving a way for a sustainable lifestyle with our upcycling methods. We are an enterprise who are aiming to provide an Upcycled alternative that every consumer might need as part of everyday consumption. The primary input material we use is all repurposed material which helps extend the material life time.

With an offline store in Bangalore & an online store delivering globally, we are charting a new path towards conscious consumerism.

And since all our products are also handcrafted, we get an opportunity to provide sustainable and dignified employment to our team of women and traditional artisans. We are harnessing their skills and empowering them to take control of their lives with dignity and pride. The skill sets they learn working with us is also bringing them into the mainstream workforce. 

Till date, we have transformed 120+ MT of material and created 500 + varied products across categories with the help of our 30+ talented team members. 

Know more about our processes here.