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Is segregating waste enough to solve the environmental crisis and landfills we are creating today ?

This was the starting point for Rimagined’s Journey


Irina Sling pouch

It was this question and introspection that promoted Shailaja to launch in 2016.
A business consultant of around 15 years experience, Shailaja volunteered to work in solid waste management (SWM). While working there, she realized the crisis that humans were creating for themselves and an environmental disaster with the kind and volume of garbage that was generated.
A simple look back on her own childhood and upbringing helped her revisit her own personal choices and Rimagined became the platform to extend the material lifetime. 
The 31 million tonnes of landfill dump seemed to be offering an opportunity to create a new model of consumption. A model that is based on material repurposing instead of a linear use and throw approach.
From a marketplace in 2016 to a full fledged manufacturing enterprise, Rimagined today has repurposed varied materials and continues to experiment with different materials and launch new and innovative designs to encourage consumers to switch to more sustainable options. Read about Our Impact we have had so far.
All this while ethical work conditions, fair wages and dignity of labour drive the backend of the enterprise.