Why Upcycle?

The world has moved too far on the linear economy principles, with waste from manufacturing either hitting landfills or at best getting recycled to some extent.
Even with recycling, the material loses strength and value with every round of the process. However, with upcycling, the value of the item is increased! Click here to know what is upcycling.

Benefits of Upcycling

Benefits Of Upcycling

Upcycling is important since it reuses materials instead of throwing them away. Less landfill waste automatically has a positive impact on the environment. While there are environmental benefits to it, there are also social & community benefits to the way we operate

Upcycling saves materials from landfill

Did you know that even if the waste is segregated, only 9% of material gets recycled? Most of the waste we generate goes to landfills even where is a lot of life left in the material.

The old pair of jeans, tyre tubes that cannot be used anymore, sarees that need to be disposed of, the empty wine bottles after a nice get-together – all these and more get a new lease of life when they are Upcycled. To see the impact we have had so far, click here

Benefits of Upcycling - Save material from Landfill
Upcycle Denim Strips

Upcycling ensures minimum use of new resources

When the base material for making a product is repurposed material (what is usually termed as ‘Waste’), the need for virgin resources is drastically cut down.

We now know that resources are limited and they are getting used up at a rate way higher than what the planet can restore. So why not look at reusing those resources that we have already brought into our consumption cycle and extend their lifetime. Think of the impact we can have on the earth overshoot day by reducing some of our virgin material consumption.

Upcycling Promotes Craftsmanship

Each upcycled item is handcrafted to the finest details, as the input material is never standardized.

Upcycled Design evolves based on the material we work with. It is a reverse process compared to the usual product design.

Every product is carefully handcrafted by each team member, to bring perfection. When you purchase something at Rimagined, you are supporting the craft and the hard work that these artisans put into upcycling products for you. This is one of the major benefits of upcycling.

Benefits of Upcycling - Promotes Artisan Craftmanship
Benefits of Upcycling - Creates and Rewards Employment

Upcycling Promotes Livelihoods

Upcycling is a labour-intensive process that requires attention to the smallest of details at every step. These products can never be mass-produced using machines/equipment, unlike the regular off-the-shelf products.

There is an army of people spread across the entire supply chain from material collection to the final point of dispatching the finished product to reach you. This is the team you are supporting by making a choice of opting for upcycled products.

An ethical choice that will go a long way in Sustainable Consumption.

Upcycling Offers Unique Products For Consumers

Whether you’re upcycling things yourself or buying products from other makers, you will always be sure that it is absolutely unique! Instead of going with the fashion trends, Upcycling allows the creation of items that have unique designs and patterns.

Every upcycled item is one of a kind and has a beautiful history behind it – making it a great addition to your home and wardrobe!

Benefits of Upcycling - Unique Designs

Top 10 Benefits of Upcycling

  1. Saves materials from landfill
  2. Minimum use of new and natural resources
  3. Promotes traditional and new age craftsmanship
  4. Reduces the use of valuable resources like trees, fuel, and water
  5. Promotes livelihoods and creates employment
  6. Offers products with unique designs and patterns
  7. Takes us a step closer to a green planet
  8. Helps support small local businesses and communities
  9. Prevents pollution
  10. Allows products to be used to their fullest potential


To know more about how upcycling works, click here.