What is vegan leather?

With the world shifting towards more and more sustainable choices and conscious consumption, you may have come across many buzzwords. One such is going ‘Vegan’. Now, what exactly does this mean? In simple terms, being a vegan means consuming animal-free products.  To elaborate, a true follower of a vegan lifestyle avoids eating meat, dairy, eggs, …

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Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas

Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas – Buy What She’ll Love

Instead of browsing through thousands of products belonging to different categories, why not firstly finalize the category and then look for the right gift in the right section? Let’s have a look at the different interests your sister might have and help you with  Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas based on her interests.

Future of Home Decor

Home decor is a very unique expression of a person’s personality. Sometimes it is about collecting curios from your travel sojourns and at other times, it is creating something unique for a nook or a corner in your house. Many times, it is about creating a specific vibe that enhances one’s personality or house pride. …

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Imperfect Sustainability – With Millie Clover and Sophie Dorothe

PLASTIC: Unwrapped – Milly Clover and Sophie Dorothe Lieke 18 months ago we began our journey with PLASTIC: Unwrapped, a partnership seeking solutions to plastic pollution. Our inspiration was drawn from a long-standing desire to actively engage in environmental stewardship and conservation. We wanted to find individuals around the globe who are making a difference …

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Imperfect Sustainability – With Arati Monappa

Arati Monappa – a designer with a rich experience of almost 3 decades. All through the years, she has focussed on natural, eco-friendly creations while working with artisans, craftsmen across the country and helping them get a sustainable livelihood, even before Sustainability became a topic of discussion. As part of our Imperfect Sustainability series, we …

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