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Future of Home Decor

Home decor is a very unique expression of a person’s personality. Sometimes it is about collecting curios from your travel sojourns and at other times, it is creating something unique for a nook or a corner in your house. Many times, it is about creating a specific vibe that enhances one’s personality or house pride. […]

Brand Impact through Gifting

‘Gift’ is a unique four letter word that carries with it a potential to please just about anyone. Now, especially if it is from your employer, it is tied to two things: a) Self-worth of the receiver b) Quality of thought of the giver. Now the onus usually comes on HR or Procurement to get […]

Imperfect Sustainability – With Millie Clover and Sophie Dorothe

PLASTIC: Unwrapped – Milly Clover and Sophie Dorothe Lieke 18 months ago we began our journey with PLASTIC: Unwrapped, a partnership seeking solutions to plastic pollution. Our inspiration was drawn from a long-standing desire to actively engage in environmental stewardship and conservation. We wanted to find individuals around the globe who are making a difference […]

Imperfect Sustainability – With Arati Monappa

Arati Monappa – a designer with a rich experience of almost 3 decades. All through the years, she has focussed on natural, eco-friendly creations while working with artisans, craftsmen across the country and helping them get a sustainable livelihood, even before Sustainability became a topic of discussion. As part of our Imperfect Sustainability series, we […]