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Bucket bag

Original price was: ₹2,500.00.Current price is: ₹2,200.00.

A classy black Bucket Bag for Women.

  • Made from tyre tube & vegan leather
  • Handmade & eco-friendly bucket bag
  • Ideal for both casual & formal look
  • Zipped pockets available
  • Available in black color
  • Made in India

Black is beautiful, isn’t it? And this all black Bucket Bag will make you forget about leather! 

We call it the black bucket bag simply because it resembles a ‘bucket’. It’s kind of cylindrical in shape with a deep interior and has a wide brim. This bag is made using upcycled rubber tyre tube, also popularly known as vegan leather. It is difficult not to adore the fine craftsmanship of this entirely handcrafted and sustainable product. 

Sleek and smart is the idea behind designing this repurposed bucket bag. Not only is there a dedicated pouch for your mobile phone on the outside, but there’s a zippered pouch and an open pouch on the inside lining. A metal claw-like clasp over the bag’s brim secures your valuables and lets you access them in an instant.

Take it along for any casual or formal occasion, this bucket bag will scream style on your every step.

Dimensions of Bucket Bag

Height – 14 inches/ 35.5 cm

Width – 7.5 inches/ 19 cm

Length – 10.5 inches/ 26.7 cm


Material – Upcycled Rubber Tyre Tube, Metal Zip and Accessories

Colour – Black

Number of Main Compartments – 1

Compartment Closure – Metal Clasp

Sling Strap – Detachable Rubber Sling Strap

Care Instructions

Wipe the bag with a clean, soft cloth and coconut oil to keep it as good as new

Our Tyre Tube Cleaning Process

  • First, the tubes are soaked overnight in water to remove the accumulated dirt. 
  • Then it is soaked in hot water along with soapnuts (reetha), a sustainable, naturally occurring cleanser. No chemical agents are used.
  • This is followed by a round of scrubbing using soapnuts which helps remove any remaining dirt.

Finally, we give a luxurious shine to the rubber using coconut oil. The product is ready, devoid of any smell..


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