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Cotton Durrie, Throw – Shades of Blue


Add a dash of colour to your space with our vibrant multi colour Cotton durries/ Throws

  • Repurposed Cotton Sarees
  • Dhurry / Sofa Throw
  • Machine Washable
  • Handcrafted in India

The bright blue sky, the vast ocean , the feeling of infinite.

If this is what draws you, then these Blue coloured cotton throws for sofa are the right fit for you to add to your nook !

This bright dhurry fabric is created by our handloom weavers by repurposing cotton sarees.

Using one of the fabric upcycling methods, called weaving, cotton sarees cut into thin strips and woven on a handloom are transformed into these really gorgeous durries / throws that you can use in multiple ways.

Presenting our vibrant multi-coloured cotton durrie or throws for sofa that is going to add a pop of colour to your home. Not to be confused with a blanket, sofa throws covers or dhurries are decorative furniture accents that add a lot of character and style wherever you set them. While these décor pieces are usually created using one or more from an array of different materials, our resourceful handloom weavers create these lively and colourful dhurries by repurposing cotton sarees. The process involves cutting cotton sarees into thin strips and meticulously weaving them on a handloom to transform it into a many-hued masterpiece. Take your pick from the colour combinations available with us.

Spread it on the floor, or bring your sofa to life with vibrant colors or use it on your bed. This 3ft by 6 ft fabric can be the perfect add to your home any day. Since these are all woven using repurposed sarees, there might be slight variations in the shades. But you will get your joyful colours with every piece you choose.

Complement these sofa throws with our classy durrie cushion covers !

Please Note

As upcycled and repurposed products are usually handcrafted, each piece is unique in itself. With no two products are identical, there may be slight variations in the way they appear. Thus, the colours and the pattern may vary depending on the cotton material available with us. However, you can always count on the uniformity in design and quality.


Length – 6 feet

Width – 3 feet

Base Colour – Blue

Material – Cotton Sarees

Care Instructions

  • Machine Washable
  • Wash light colours separately
  • Mild detergents recommended
Color Variants

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