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Cotton Stoles – Plain and Stripes

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A soft handloom woven cotton stole with a mix of plain and striped pattern.

  • Created from cotton yarn
  • Plain stripes pattern
  • Available in brown, dark grey, light grey & turquoise
  • Made in India

Handcrafted with a lot of love, this stylish repurposed cotton stole for ladies is waiting to be a part of your wardrobe.

This design of this stole has broad stripes, with plain textured intervals. Making this stole involves sorting cotton yarn in different thickness and then our artisans weave them meticulously on the handloom. The cotton yarns retain their natural characteristics even after being weaved and so the stole retains its softness.

We offer this plain and striped cotton stole for ladies in an array of attractive colour combinations. It is a welcome addition to your collection since it can match any outfit and suit any look, be it formal, semi-formal, ethnic or casual.

The designs we create are purely handcrafted with a lot of care and are available in limited numbers. With handloom technique there is human involvement and so you may find some minor irregularities. In all likelihood, you’ll not find a copy this upcycled cotton stole – it is 100% upcycled and 100% exclusive.

The Cotton Stole Range is a truly unique and awe-inspiring creation in terms of the very process of upcycling, adding to that, the aesthetically pleasing combinations of colours entwined beautifully, woven in a widely spaced striped pattern makes this lovely cotton stole a collector’s item in your wardrobe!

The essence of creating the Cotton Stole Range is to strive to achieve a zero or low waste production process while working with our precious natural and limited resources.

While working on the handloom to weave beautiful textiles, there is a lot of thread that cuts off from the loom and most often these loose threads of pure quality cotton threads are bunched up and burned.

Our highly skilled and patient artisans collect and sort through heaps of loose cotton thread. Then, the loose cotton threads are placed on a traditional charkha to create long lengths of the thread to create spools, which are woven on the handloom to create these wonderful cotton stoles.

It truly is a painstaking process and the result is these beautiful cotton stoles. Each one of the Cotton Stoles in this range is unique, owing to the very nature of the process, so you will be draping yourself in a beautiful piece that is as unique as you are!

The pleasing aesthetics of this cotton stole are thanks to the thriving creativity of our talented artisans who have perfectly paired complimentary colours woven together artfully with wide stripes to give a completed masterpiece that is truly awesome in every sense. You can show off this stole with a monochrome look with a co-ord set or maxi-dress, the contrast will make it your outfit’s highlight, taking your whole look to the next level!


Fabric Type – Upcycled Cotton Yarn

Colour – Multiple

Care Instructions

    • Wash light colours separately
    • Hand wash recommended
    • Use mild detergents
    • Dry in shade


Color Variants

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