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Passport Pouch

Original price was: ₹1,100.00.Current price is: ₹800.00.

A simplistic Passport Pouch made for high utility. 
  • Created using upcycled tyre tube
  • Compact to carry
  • Ease of Organization
  • Made in India. 

Here is a simple Passport Pouch that will do the trick!  

It is created with upcycled tyre tube material. A Passport Pouch that is made from upcycled rubber is the best way to store and carry your passport as it will be safeguarded from the weather and will be well protected when on your person.  

This Pouch is entirely handcrafted, the cover is made from upcycled rubber and on the 
inside, there is a soft fabric lining. There is a single slot on one side to keep your passport and on the 
other side, there are multiple slots for all your important cards and documents.  

This upcycled Passport Holder is quite elementary and perfect for travel.  

Dimensions of Passport Pouch:
  • Length – 4 inches/ 10.16 cm
  • Width – 0.5 inches/ 1.27 cm
  • Height – 5.5 inches/ 13.97 cm 
  • Type – Pouch 
  • Material – Upcycled tyre tube
  • One side: One slot for passport
  • One side: multiple card slots
Care Instructions:
Wipe it with a damp cloth. Do not use any chemicals to clean the surface. Use simple coconut oil to get the sheen anytime.
Tyre Tube Bag Making Process:
We are especially proud of our Tyre Tube Collection, entirely upcycled and expertly handcrafted. We are the First to work with Upcycling Rubber Tyre Tube, a sustainable material, to create high-utility bags, in India.
Using the inner tyre tube of discarded old tyres of large vehicles, we upcycle the rubber material in a sustainable process that is unique to Rimagined. The Tyre Tubes, firstly, given a thorough cleaning, by soaking overnight and cleansed with soapnut solution (an organic cleanser) to remove all accumulated dirt and impurities and then air dried for 24 hours, minimum.
These prepared sheets of rubber are then carefully crafted by our talented artisans, using sewing machines that have been particularly modified to suit stitching rubber, so that the material does not melt in the procedure. Each bag is hand-crafted with utmost attention to detail and minimal wastage as our designs are inspired by our core belief that nothing must go to waste.
Our entire Tyre Tube Collection is the result of the painstaking effort of multiple trial and errors, to achieve awe-inspiring results, proving that upcycling sustainable materials is possible and is the way forward.


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