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Tube Denim Satchel Bag

Original price was: ₹2,500.00.Current price is: ₹1,800.00.

Who is that cool cat in the office? Oh wait, It’s You!

• Created using upcycled tyre tube and denim.

• Unisex bag with ample storage and is compact to carry.

• Multiple zippered pockets and slots for maximum organizing

• Made in India

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Here is an uber cool bag, that looks professional enough for office and casual enough to carry on a day outing, the Tube Denim Satchel Messenger Bag can do it all! This Satchel Messenger Bag is upcycled using an aesthically pleasing combination of Tyre Tube and Denim material, that would have otherwise been exiled to rot in a landfill or worse, incenerated; given a new lease on life, these materials work wonderfully together to give you this fantastic Tube Denim Satchel Messenger Bag. This Messenger Bag is desinged to be an easy maintainence bag, with its base reinforced with tyre tube, so it protects your belongings from any impact damage and also lasts you a long time, and the denim makes it easy to clean!

Loaded with multiple pockets and slots, this bag is an neat freak’s organization dream come true. The flap with clipper closure covers the zippered pocket on the front and there is another zippered pocket on the back of the Satchel Messenger Bag. The main compartment has a zippered closure to make sure all your things stay safe and intact inside the bag. The Tube Denim Satchel Messenger Bag boasts ample space inside, with a padded compartment for your laptop, with a velcro strap to hold in snug in place. There is enough space for you to fit in your files, books and other official things, or even a change of clothes, if you are carrying this bag on your eagerly anticipated staycation. There are multiple slots for your stationery and a zippered pocket for your small but important things. The fittings and accessories are of the highest quality to ensure that when you buy in a Rimagined bag, it is a long term investment, living by our virtue of sustainability.

So go on and get your hand on this uber cool bag, well suited for office, work or play!

Dimensions of Tube Denim Satchel bag:

Length: 14 Inches/ 35.56 cm

Width: 4 Inches/10.16 cm

Height: 11.5 Inches/ 29.21 cm


  • Type – Satchel Messenger bag
  • Material – Upcycled tyre tube and denim
  • One main compartment, padded laptop compartment.
  • Multiple pockets with zipper closure.

Care Instructions:

Spot cleaning is recommended for Denim and put 2 drops of coconut oil on a cotton cloth and wipe the rubber surface to get the sheen.

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