9 Rimagined Colours for Navratri This Year

The revered festival of nine days is here and we, like you, just can’t keep calm! The festivities are going to be in full swing and we’re sure you’re all geared up to celebrate Sharad Navratri like never before. Whether it is fasting for the Devi’s blessings, swinging to the garba beat or hosting a Durga puja, we all have our traditions in place when it comes to these nine days of joy and fervour.

Women, in particular, take special efforts to look their best on these days and get all decked up in a variety of colourful outfits. There is one auspicious colour dedicated for each of the nine days so the young and old dress up accordingly in that particular day’s colour. Each of these colours reflect the various desirable qualities of the nine different forms of Goddess Durga.

This is not just a passing trend. As a matter of perspective, these colours also bring out 9 different sides of one’s personality.

Let’s have a look at how Rimagined’s premium collection of apparel and accessories showcase each of the nine Navratri colours.

Cotton Top - Off White
Cotton Top – Off White

Day 1 – White

The first manifestation of Goddess Durga – Shailaputri – is daughter of the mountains. Snow clad mountain tops are a place for attaining inner peace and serenity. Hence the colour white. Just like the one in our elegant Long Sleeves Cotton Top , upcycled from the best of left over cotton fabrics. It allows you take a Zen moment on a busy and stressful day.



Rust Silk Stole for WomenDay 2 – Red

Goddess Brahmacharini – the meditative form of Goddess Parvathi – is worshipped on the second day of Navratri. She represents the qualities of love and passion through the colour red. Fill yourself with the feeling of vigour and vitality when you adorn this Red Rust Scarf that is handcrafted with a lot of love by our talented weavers using left over silk yarn.



Pleated Yoke_Navy
Pleated Yoke Navy


Day 3 – Royal Blue

The third day of Navratri welcomes the tranquil avatar of Goddess Chandraghanta. She is believed to love the royal blue colour that is as serene as the night. Invoke richness and tranquillity from this day on when you wear our Pleated Yoke TopNavy. A pair of white trousers or skirt should complete the look.




Pleated Yoke Sleeveless Top-2
Pleated Yoke Sleeveless Top


Day 4 – Yellow

The colour on the fourth day is bright yellow. The divine form of Goddess Kushmanda – said to be the creator of the universe – embraces a lot of joy and enthusiasm that is spread across the festival, right till Vijaya Dashami/ Dusshera. Be your own cheerleader when you wear this warm colour with our Yellow Pleated Yoke Sleeveless Top.



Sleeveless Top_PistaGreen
Sleeveless Top in Pista Green


Day 5 – Green

After four colourful days, we invoke the blessings of Goddess Skandamata who signifies nature, new beginnings, growth and joy on day five or Panchami. Just like our artisans have given a new lease of life to fabric waste to create this Sleeveless Top in Pista Green, let green colour signal new and happy beginnings in your life.




Day 6 – GreyGrey and Pink Cotton-Stole for Women-Half Half

A form of Shakti, day six of Navratri is dedicated to Devi Katyayini. She is also known as the warrior goddess. It is said that worshipping Goddess Katyayini instils balanced emotions and sensible and sober nature in a person. Let our bespoke Dark Grey Scarf keep you down-to-earth and grounded, when the world around you tries to be pretentious and impractical. This sober hued scarf will practically go with almost any coloured outfit, thus it’s a must buy!


V Neck Sleeveless Long Dress-3
V Neck Sleeveless Long Dress


Day 7 – Orange

Day seven is all about worshipping Devi Kaalratri, who signifies the warmth and energy of fire. This is what makes the colour orange special for this day. Fill yourself and those around you with a lot of positivity, warmth and enthusiasm with a bright colour like orange in our Orange V Neck Sleeveless Long Dress. Channel all that budding energy in something good like recycling and upcycling.



Pin Tuck Top
Pin Tuck Top


Day 8 – Peacock Green

One of the most auspicious days of this festival is Asthami or the eight day of Navratri. On this day the avatar of Devi Mahagauri is celebrated with a lot of fervour and fanfare. Goddess Mahagauri symbolises being unique, compassionate and celebrating individuality. And so the colour for the day is the one-of-a-kind peacock green. Our rich Green top will let you put your best foot forward and celebrate your individuality.



Button Down Dress Peach
Button Down Dress Peach


Day 9 – Pink

The final and the ninth day of Navratri is the day to revere and worship Goddess Siddhidatri. She is said to symbolise perfection. Kindness, affection and harmony is the theme of the day through the colour pink. Our Button-Down Dress with Pink Stripes is just what you need to express your gratitude and feel at harmony. Upcycled to perfection, the rich, pink colour is bound to bright up anyone’s day.




And after the Navratras, comes Vijayadashami / Dusshera. The ultimate day of this grand festival is all about the victory of good over evil – when Goddess Durga killed the demon Mahishasura. In a parallel of sorts, in the present day, we are plagued with modern evils of our time – mass wastage and overflowing landfills.

When you buy Rimagined products, you must know, bit by bit you are helping good practices – like upcycling, refurbishing, and conscious consumption – win.