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Denim Convertible Bag

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What is cooler than a bag made of Denim? A Convertible Bag made of Denim, Duh!

  • A uber cool Tote bag that can convert into a Backpack
  • Created using upcycled Denim material
  • One main spacious compartment.
  • Made in India.

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When you take a look at our Denim Convertible Bag, you’d think that it is so cool, it can’t get better than this. Well, we are happy to prove you wrong because it does! This uber cool Tote Bag can convert into a Backpack bag with just one swift move!

This convertible cool bag is created upcycled using pre-consumer denim material, that has been granted a new lease on life, after being diverted from ending up in landfills and incinerators. The hardy material that is denim ensures that this bag, by nature, is going to last you a long time instead of rotting away in a landfill with its brilliant potential wasted.

The Denim Convertible Bag can be used as a casual shoulder Tote Bag, when you carry it using the shorter strap, on the top of the bag. When you want to carry it as a Backpack bag, all you have to do is grab both the opposite ends of the longer strap and pull, et viola! it is in rucksack backpack mode!

The Convertible Denim Bag is handmade with upcycled denim material, held together with the best quality fittings and fixtures. This bag has one main compartment with a zippered closure, so that all your belongings stay safe and sound when you are ruck sacking about! The handles of the Convertible Denim bag are made from new cloth straps of highest quality, to make sure you can use it with ease and comfort for a long time without the worry of tears and rips. The interior of the bag has a water-resistant lining to protect your things from natural elements and no worries about spillage and stains. There are two slots on the inside, one small pocket to keep your little yet valuable belongings and one slot to hold your reusable water bottle!

This uber cool denim bag is idyllic when you want to head out for a casual day of brunching and window-shopping with the gal pals. You can carry it on vacation and make it your travel buddy when you go out sightseeing at the local hubs. You will never need to worry about getting tired of carrying a Tote bag on just one shoulder the whole day, you can switch it up anytime with one swift pull of the strap and carry the Denim Convertible Bag as a backpack, on the go!

Dimensions of Denim Convertible Bag:
Length – 17 inches/ 43 cm
Width – 5 inches/ 13 cm
Depth – 13.5 inches/ 35 cm

Type – Tote Bag / Backpack Bag
Material – Upcycled Denim material
1 Main Compartments
Inner Pockets – 2 slot pockets.

Care Instructions: Machine wash with  mild soap

Denim Bag Making Process:

At Rimagined, we are obsessed with using sustainable material to create sustainable products to promote conscious consumption and for us, there is no better material than denim! This robust sustainable material deriving from cotton has durability and style woven right into it, and using denim to create bags is ace level ingenuity.

Denim jeans are produced in many millions worldwide, every year, and this hardy material is a tough cookie to decompose; upcycling denim to create sustainably sourced long lasting bags seems like a profound way to deal with this excess.

Pre-consumer and post-consumer jeans are collected and cleaned to be made ready for the stitching process. The Denim bags are hand-crafted following a carefully designed outline, to have minimal wastage in our process. The denim jeans are cut into flat sheets and the parts with the rivets and pockets are saved and made into bags especially designed for these parts so that nothing gets wasted. Denim is a natural and durable material that must not be taken for granted as wonderful products can be made with a bit of creativity and effort.

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