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Fabric Convertible Bag

Original price was: ₹3,000.00.Current price is: ₹2,500.00.

A Sling, A Tote and a Backpack walk into a bar… wait, it’s all the same Bag!

  • Multifunctional bag that can be used three ways
  • Made with upcycled fabric material
  • Two variants when its pocket related
  • Made in India

What do you call a Sling bag, a Tote Bag and a Backpack Bag all rolled into one super awesome bag? A masterclass in sustainable design is what! But for ease of use, we call it the Fabric Convertible Bag!

Created from entirely upcycled woven cotton fabric material, this Convertible Bag is your one-stop-shop for all your store-and-carry needs.

Why have multiple bulky bags take up space in your closet and in your life when you can invest in just one, awesome three-way-use bag that happens to be a sustainable and eco-friendly option as well!

The Fabric Convertible Bag can be carried as a Sling Bag, one sided or crossbody. The double handles let you transition easily from Sling Bag to a Tote Bag in just one move. And when you want to go hands-free, then just snap off the detachable sling strap and slide it through the dual fabric loops on the back of the bag and snap them into place with the metal loop fitting, for the Backpack way of use!
The upcycled woven fabric is created using pre-consumer and post-consumer cotton sarees, that are torn into thin long strips and woven into lengthy sheets on a handloom, which are then used to create the vibrant and colourful Fabric Convertible Bags! The extra effort put into making these bags through and through with upcycled material hands you the perk of knowing your bag is adding to the sustainable movement!

The posterior of the Fabric Convertible Bag shows off hues of vibrance in the form of bright striped colours. We ensure we create our bags to last a long time by your side, so we focus on using high quality fixtures and fittings and all the handles are made with the best quality cloth straps with excellent craftsmanship in regards to the stitching. You have an option of the kind of pockets you prefer with on the front of the Fabric Convertible Bag with either the two buttoned closure pockets or the single hidden zippered pocket! The interior of the Fabric Convertible Bag is lined with water resistant material, so no worries about spillage!

The Fabric Convertible Bag is Rimagined’s most versatile and efficient design yet! The mere fact that this bag can transition easily through three different modes of carrying gives it an unparalleled advantage of becoming your favourite go-to bag for all possible occasions! The element that it looks so dang good is a super plus point!

Dimensions of Fabric Convertible Bag
Length – 12 inches/ 30 cm
Width – 4 inches/ 10 cm
Depth – 13.50 inches/ 34 cm

Type – Sling bag/ Tote Bag / Backpack Bag
Material – Upcycled woven Fabric material
1 Main Compartments

Care Instructions:
For this Fabric Convertible Bag, Spot cleaning is recommended.

Durrie Bag Making Process:
We at Rimagined believe that traditional weaving and craft forms are windows to our rich heritage of culture and ancient wisdom and that they must be preserved. One of these methods is the “Khesh” weaving technique, originating in West Bengal, in Tagore’s Shantiniketan.

This time-tested method of “Khesh” weaving is a beautiful textile process involving the utilisation of old cotton sarees to create something gorgeous while giving these sarees a new lease of life. This woven textile is commonly known as Durries and it is the very same woven cotton textile, we use to create our Durrie Bag Range of upcycled products.

We select the most colourful durries of the lot to handcraft these upcycled woven cotton sheets to create these vibrant bags, to add a pop of colour to your closet! With these upcycled Durrie bags, we give you something that you can be especially proud of because in essence, this bag is created using an exceptional notion of creating upcycled products out of upcycled sustainable material.

Color Variants


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