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Trapeze Sling bag
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Trapeze Sling Bag

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Luxurious, Stylish, Practical, Sustainable!

  • Created using upcycled tyre tube.
  • Compact, fits important essentials.
  • Unisex sling bag
  • Made in India

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Ever wanted a luxury sling bag that you could share with your husband? Well, here it is! The Trapeze Sling bag is part of our Luxe Range of products. The intention behind our Luxe Range is to prove by example that luxury and conscious consumption can go hand in hand. Created as a capsule collection, curated especially for the New York based “Flying Solo”, an international platform that focuses on bringing independent, ethical and unique brands from around the world under the umbrella of conscious consumption and sustainable luxury.

Our Luxe Range is handcrafted masterfully by our highly skilled artisans, upcycled using tyre tube. The tyre tube and fabric that is rerouted to create our Luxe Range would have otherwise ended up in landfills and incinerators, adding to Green House Gas Emissions that are already overtaxing our planet. The Sling Pouch is an ideal example of essence of true luxury without the environmental costs as compared to other luxury bag brands, so you can flaunt our products with a clear conscience.

The Trapeze Sling bag, handmade entirely from upcycled inner tyre tube has an edgy design with its aesthetic appeal elevated thanks to the very nature of the tyre tube material, with its grooves and markings, making each piece of this sling bag as unique as the person who chooses to carry it! The Luxury Sling bag has one main compartment that is doubly secured with a zippered closure and a magnetic flap over. The insides are lined with soft, supple bright red fabric, to give this sling bag its bold look! There is one zippered pocket and an open pouch on the inside and one zippered on the exterior of the bag, that is both stylish and functional. Easily fit your phone, wallet and keys in this sling bag, along with handy reusable water bottle and essentials for the day. The metal accessories and fittings are of the best quality to ensure longevity of the Trapeze Sling Bag. The tyre tube strap of this unisex sling bag is detachable and so you carry it with any other strap you fancy!

The Trapeze Sling Bag is Style, Opulence and Function all wrapped into one neat Sustainable package and made as unique as you are!

With the purchase of this vegan bag, you are supporting sustainable choices with zero compromise on design and finish, ethical production.
Be the trend setter – make upcycling cool.

This is what Conscious Luxury is all about !

Dimensions of Trapeze Sling Bag:
Length – 10 Inches
Width –3.5 Inches
Depth –10 Inches

Length of the shoulder strap (inches) – 46″

Type – Sling bag
Material – Upcycled tyre tube.
1 Main Compartments
One zippered pocket and one open pouch.

Care Instructions:
Wiping the bag with a clean, soft cloth and coconut oil keeps it shiny and as good as new.

Disclaimer: As it is our very process of upcycling material – tyre tube, there may be marks in the surface, after all, these bags used to be tyres on the road, but rest assured that it will not affect the longevity and utility of the product and the quality of make remains unblemished



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