Luxe Collection

The crème de la crème of our entire upcycled collection, the result of our dedication and hard-work towards pushing for the movement of conscious consumption is perfectly showcased in our Luxury vegan bags collection- Luxe Range.
The intention behind our Luxe Range is to prove by example that luxury and conscious consumption can go hand in hand. Blending the best of both worlds, where you can possess luxurious products, take in the excellent craftsmanship and quality, and also, rest easy on your consciousness, knowing that the process behind the scenes, is sustainable and ethical practices.
We want to change the narrative where luxury products are synonymous to being the bane to our environment. The “raw material” used to create the Luxe Range is tyre tube and cotton fabric, that were claimed to be “waste” and exiled to be disposed of. This “waste” is rerouted, upcycled by our skilled artisans, giving them a new lease of life by creating the Luxe Range, which otherwise ended up in landfills and incinerators, adding to Green House Gas Emissions that are already overtaxing our planet.
Through this capsule vegan luxury bags collection, we have captured the essence of true luxury without the environmental costs as compared to other luxury bag brands, so you can flaunt our products with a clear conscience. Rimagined luxury bags for women are made to last, using the best quality accessories and fittings, thereby promoting slow and ethical fashion.
So Conscious Luxury is when one can indulge in luxury products without the guilt of increasing one’s carbon footprint!

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Tyre Tube Wave Tote Bag: A simplistic bag with a big personality upcycled entirely from inner tyre tubes, this bag is designed to be an ideal support system, with sturdy hold and ample space, you can pack an entire day's worth of supplies to carry around in height comfortable, conscious luxury.

Luxe Trapeze Handbag: This Modern Twist to a Classic Black Handbag sling is just the right amount of style and self-sufficiency you will ever require from a bag. With a unique reinforcement to the handles and a detachable sling, this upcycled handbag cum sling is made to last, for a long time, after all, it's made with tyre tube, a material that can withstand the rough and tough.

Fabric Boxy Tote Bag: For a Bright and Colourful way to carry your things, this upcycled Boxy Tote is just the right one for you. Using upcycled woven cotton fabric, the way the beautiful hues that come together give this tote bag its pleasing appearance, and the tyre tube reinforcement on the sides, gives the bag its boxy hold for you to keep your things organized without the fear of a jumbled puzzle surprise inside!

Sling Pouch Bag: Hold Sustainability in the Palm of your Hand with this adorable Sling bag, that is handmade with upcycled rubber tyre tube material. This super-cute Sling Pouch bag is the perfect size for you to fit in all your important essentials and go about your business, hands-free! This Sling Pouch Bag is perfect for parties and get-togethers where you don't want to be cumbered down by a big heavy carry-on.

Trapeze Sling Bag: The Luxurious, Stylish, Practical and Sustainable Sling Bag you will find, with a out-of-norm design that will give your look a nice edge! This spacious sling bag is a new age hybrid of sling bags made to fit more than meets the eye, while looking so damn cool. Handcrafted using upcycled tyre tube, the Trapeze Sling Bag is a uber cool addition to your closet!

Baguette Bag: The Epitome of Conscious Luxury in the form of a gorgeous bag, in the Baguette Bag. When you ever find the need to feel like you are strutting on the runway, then this bag is the perfect accessory for that moment! The Baguette bag is handmade entirely from upcycled inner tyre tube has an elegant design with its aesthetic appeal elevated to the next level with the grooves and markings intrinsic to the very nature of the tyre tube material, making each piece of this sling bag as unique as the person who chooses to carry it!

Large Fabric Tote Bag: For those who love to carry their whole world with them, this Large Tote Bag is the best choice! When you find a bag that can hold everything you will need in one organized space, then why not, right? The Large Fabric Tote Bag is designed specially to hold its weight without hinderance to carry around, with its soft woven cotton exterior and tyre tube reinforcements, you can take your whole world with you, on the go!