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Denim Crossbody Backpack


An A-line, A+ crossbody backpack that is as stylish as it sustainable!

  • Created from upcycled denim fabric.
  • Stylish A-line design with ergonomic strap.
  • 2 zippered partitions, with multiple compartments inside!
  • Made in India

The Denim Crossbody Backpack Bag is your ideal companion when you want a hands-free experience carrying your stuff in a secure and stylish manner!

The Crossbody Backpack Bag is created by upcycling denim material, salvaged from pre-consumer pairs of jeans that did not make it into the retail market and otherwise would have been discarded, left to rot in landfills or burned off in incinerators, if not given this new lease on life!

The good ol’ trusty denim makes for the perfect material to create bags from given its natural qualities of being sturdy and hardy, making the Denim Crossbody Backpack Bag the long-term bestie you have been looking for!

The Denim Crossbody Backpack features a stylish A-line design that is as sleek as it is functional. There are two zippered compartments, on the posterior of the Backpack. The front zippered compartment may be utilized to store and carry your smaller essential items that you want to keep a track of, and the larger zippered compartment can easily fit a change of clothes or books for a day’s session! The interior of the Crossbody Backpack boasts a water-resistant lining with more compartments to keep your belongings well-organised. There is one zippered compartment and a mesh pocket on the inside for you to hold your wallet, keys and mobile phone safe and sound, just within reach! The single crossbody strap is an ergonomic design of denim and mesh that is padded for maximum comfort for you to haul around; its length is adjustable with ease!

The Denim Crossbody Backpack Bag is perfect for day outings. Ideal for college-goers looking for a mod bag to carry to class and also as a carry-on luggage piece you can take on trips! You can sport it on your back just as easily as it transitions to a front body backpack as well! This is one suave Crossbody Backpack Bag that is a must-have in your accessories wardrobe!

Dimensions of Denim Crossbody Backpack Bag:
Length – 11.50 inches/ 29 cm
Width – 6 inches/ 15 cm
Depth – 19 inches/ 49 cm

Type – Sling bag
Material – Upcycled denim material
2 Main Compartments
Inner Pockets – 1 zippered pocket, 1 mesh pocket.


Care Instructions: Machine wash with  mild soap

Denim Bag Making Process:

At Rimagined, we are obsessed with using sustainable material to create sustainable products to promote conscious consumption and for us, there is no better material than denim! This robust sustainable material deriving from cotton has durability and style woven right into it, and using denim to create bags is ace level ingenuity.

Denim jeans are produced in many millions worldwide, every year, and this hardy material is a tough cookie to decompose; upcycling denim to create sustainably sourced long lasting bags seems like a profound way to deal with this excess.

Pre-consumer and post-consumer jeans are collected and cleaned to be made ready for the stitching process. The Denim bags are hand-crafted following a carefully designed outline, to have minimal wastage in our process. The denim jeans are cut into flat sheets and the parts with the rivets and pockets are saved and made into bags especially designed for these parts so that nothing gets wasted. Denim is a natural and durable material that must not be taken for granted as wonderful products can be made with a bit of creativity and effort.

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